October 20, 2017
9 months and 2 days since
the event.
Welcome to the 1st Annual

Findley Oaks Fun Run!

The PTA would like to introduce you to our 1st Fun Run! We are raising money for our school and our children while promoting health and fitness.

The children will enjoy a unique and challenging event for all levels of runners and walkers. And because runs are fun!

Our goal is for each child to raise $35. As participants fundraise, they will receive different prizes and once they've exceeded their goal to $100, a special Findley Oaks Fun Run T-Shirt!

Fundraisers are tax deductible and teach our children the significance of presentation, setting and reaching a goal, accepting responsibility for completion and living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ways you can help us be successful:
  • Help connect your child with sponsors, like friends and family
  • Come volunteer at the the run to support your child
Thanks you for your support! We are so excited for this event!